Upsert® Deduplicate

SugarCRM Plug-in by Upsert, LLC

Custom Deduplication at Your Finger Tips

Find duplicates? More like find and destroy duplicates! Upsert® Deduplicate takes Sugar's familiar merge screen and duplicate-check mechanism to the next level by letting you create advanced detection queries, have them process in the background, and then auto-merge the duplicates it finds for you.

Match on email domain, zip code, sounds-like names, and more! For each module, you decide how specific you want matching to be and whether you want automation or not. Users can even show potential duplicates in a Record View dashlet so they can dismiss or react to merge suggestions on the fly.

Upsert® Deduplicate

The add-on detects duplicates when you save a record based on the custom rules that you defined. You can even review your merge history overall, or for a single record.

Upsert® Deduplicate

Key Features

Extreme Flexibility

Create unlimited match conditions for all of your stock and custom modules - as restrictive or permissive as you want them.

Upsert® Deduplicate

Domain Matching

Add a duplicate-check rule on URL and email address fields to better associate your accounts, contacts, and leads by where they work, no matter how someone spelled the account name.

Upsert® Deduplicate

Fuzzy Matching

Achieve your clean-data goals using a Soundex algorithm, which checks names by how they're pronounced instead of how they're spelled. Use precision where it matters; fall back on approximation where it might not.

Upsert® Deduplicate

Optional Auto Merge & Smart Conflict Resolution

For any Deduplicate-enabled module, turn on Auto Merge and let your match rules do the work. Users can trigger Auto Merge from a potential duplicate match, or you can set Auto Merge to run silently in the background.

Upsert® Deduplicate

To handle merge conflicts, set up intelligent merge strategies at the field level, ensuring the best data gets carried over to the merged record.

Dashlets, Reports, & History

Audit the merge history of a record, monitor overall cleanup efforts, or just check in to see how well your rules are working. Learn how many matches were ignored and how many were merged. You can even access a snapshot of the pre-merge values of any merged record.

Upsert® Deduplicate

Team Security

We've developed Upsert® Deduplicate with your CRM's data security in mind. If duplicates are distributed among different teams, we'll flag the existence of a duplicate record without revealing sensitive information to restricted users.

Upsert® Deduplicate

Safety Check

Overly permissive rules could lead to inadvertent merges, but we've included an emergency brake that detects potential problems before they happen. Define a maximum-match threshold and Upsert® Deduplicate will prevent your rule from processing if that limit is met and alert you to the flagged rule set.

Upsert® Deduplicate


Cross Module Detection

With v2.0.0, you can optionally choose to enhance your plugin with cross-module deduplication! The add-on detects duplicates that exist in two different modules - like Leads and Contacts - or even across custom modules. Clean up your records no matter where they are in Sugar!

Upsert® Deduplicate

The add-on enhancement detects cross-module duplicates when you save a record, based on the custom rules that you defined.

Upsert® Deduplicate

File Deduplication

Tired of SugarCloud storage alerts? With v2.1.0 and higher, you can choose to enhance your plugin with file deduplication! The enhancement reduces your storage by detecting duplicate uploads and email attachments in your filesystem. The file deduplication tool eliminates all but one of the duplicate artifacts, and then serves up a single source file everywhere you need it.

Upsert® Deduplicate

System Requirements

Upsert® Deduplicate is compatible with:

  • Sugar Sell, Serve, and Enterprise products
  • Versions 11.0 and higher
  • Hosted in SugarCloud or on-site

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